Ideas change our collective future.

Ideas change our
collective future.

It’s TED’s mission to find, amplify and champion passionately-held ideas because, in all of the ways above, ideas create a brighter future for us all. We firmly believe tomorrow is full of possibility and can be better than today. And that’s what we’re working towards in the year ahead.

Spotlight #1

A positive pandemic?

Head of TED Chris Anderson shared ideas from his new book at TEDWomen 2023.

An unfortunate reality we learned from COVID-19: something very small, practically invisible and quickly replicating can have a profound impact on our lives. But what if that same phenomenon could guide us to a better place? In his new book, Infectious Generosity — out in January — Head of TED Chris Anderson takes a look at generosity and how it has the power to be infectious, when it goes from isolated and quiet to loud and online. It’s a roadmap to help all of us be more generous with our money, time, attention and creativity. Accompanied by TIGG, an AI chatbot who’ll help you find approaches to generosity you never would have imagined.

Spotlight #2

Get ready for TED2024

In 2024, across conferences and media, TED’s curation team is looking for ideas that stop you in your tracks. Ideas that help you understand the world just a little bit better, let you contribute to important conversations and give you insight into where things are headed. That is why TED2024 is dedicated to "The Brave and the Brilliant" — the bold, ambitious leaders in every field who see a path forward and are building bridges to get us there. This is the 40th anniversary of the TED Conference, and when the gathering began in 1984 — the year of George Orwell’s iconic book and the Macintosh computer — the event featured demos of the compact disc, the e-book, fractal geometry and more. With 70+ speakers and thrilling events, TED2024 will be as full of wonder and awe. The ultimate celebration of creativity, ingenuity, courage and wisdom.

So as we tilt toward a new year, take a moment to ask yourself:

How have ideas changed me? How will they change me going forward?

What can I do to help others, find solutions and share hope — to protect what's meaningful to me and change the systems that aren’t?

That’s the journey TED’s on as an organization. We’re so thankful you’re on it with us.
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